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AT ALL LEVELS:  Please scan our business QR Code at the entrance door if you have the app.  

There is also a paper register on the bench to the left of you as you enter - Thank you

Our Current Level: 2 - (Greater Wellington Region until Sunday 11.59pm 27 June 2021 - rest of New Zealand remains at Level 1)  

Covid-19:  Business practices for level 2 and above:                   

During these times we are committed to keeping our own and the Government safety protocols & standards in check to provide our staff and customers a safer environment. 

A copy of our Pandemic Control Plan is available on request.


Please scan our business QR Code at the entrance door if you have the app.  There is also a paper register in front of you as you enter - please use your own pen if you wish, or feel free to use one of our new pens available next to the register (you may keep the pen, with our compliments :-) ).

The hand sanitising station is alongside the paper Contact Tracing Register.

Please remember social distancing.



During Level 2 and above - Please do not be offended by our staff asking a few questions before they enter your private address and record the information as follows:.  


Date: ______/______/2020

Site Address: __________________________________________________________________________


Details of all non AGB staff on site at time of visit:



Name                                                                                                    Contact Phone

Name                                                                                                    Contact Phone

Name                                                                                                    Contact Phone

Please complete as appropriate:

1. Have you or anyone your are in close contact with visited any 'places of interest' listed here ?

Yes    Name/s: ______________________________________________________________________          No

2. Has anyone named above come into contact with anyone who travelled outside New Zealand at any time between June 2020 to now?

Yes Name/s: ______________________________________________________________________              No

3. Has anyone named above been unwell (flu or cold like symptoms) in the past 14 days?

Yes Name/s: ______________________________________________________________________              No

Thank you for assisting us to complete  this form. Our team member/s will leave you a business card with their name and visit date on the back, for your Contact Tracing records.  No information given will be used for any marketing purposes or for distribution to a third party unless required by Health Officials to contact anyone who may have had contact with any persons testing positive.

Our staff will ensure that all tools and equipment have been cleaned and that all surfaces will be wiped down periodically during template/install and on completion of your job.