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How long will it take to get my benchtop?

Once we have templated your top (made a plan of your bench in your own home) it will take approximately 10 working days (or less)  to have your completed benchtop installed in your home. We will discuss this with you to ensure it meets your specific needs.

How do I clean granite?

We will provide you with a large bottle of Briotop cleaner when we install your benchtop. This cleaner works as a “spray and wipe”, which is very simple to use and cost effective. Further bottles of this spray can be purchased from our showroom.  Alternatively we recommend using hot soapy water to achieve the same effect. In addition we will provide you with a laminated aftercare sheet that will clarify any further concerns you may have.  We also recommend you have your tops re-sealed on an annual basis, this is a very simple process that we can either take care of for you or provide you with the sealer to apply yourself.

How do I clean Engineered Stone?

Some of our suppliers have cleaning products specific to their brand, but warm soapy water will clean your bench top.

Do the markings and colour vary from slab to slab or are they consistent?

Granite is a natural product removed directly from the earth with very little 'man-made' intervention other than cutting and polishing. The beauty of a granite benchtop is that every slab will be slightly different to that of the last and every batch of granite will possibly be quite different to that of the last in terms of the colour spots/deposits and veins. We recommend that you view the larger samples we have available in our showroom and/or the individual slabs we hold, prior to making your choice.

Engineered stone has more consistency but they can vary from batch to batch. Again, we recommend that you view current samples or slabs that we hold.

Will my bench top take hot pots being placed directly on to its surface?

Stone can and does expand with heat and heat does have the ability to crack granite. The likelihood of this occurring with a hot pot is extremely minimal but it is a possibility we think you should be aware of.  Gentle care will ensure your top remains in premium condition.

Can my bench top crack?

The most likely possibility for a granite crack to occur is in the fabrication and transportation process due to its rigid inflexibility. Normal wear and tear will not produce crack.

Will my top have joins?

Most benchtops will have a join at some point due to the length of kitchen tops today.  However, we will discuss the placement of these joins with you so that they remain unobtrusive and will not detract from your finished benchtop in any way.  At the very most a join will be 2mm wide and will be filled with an individually chosen coloured epoxy matched to your colour stone that will provide a degree of flexibility, this in turns adds to the overall strength of your bench top.

What thickness of top can I have?

Most granite slabs are 30mm and engineered stone slabs 20mm and some 30mm thickness.  For anything more than this we are able to mitre or laminate the stone to give you your desired thickness and effect.  We have samples of these available for you to look at to determine if this is the look for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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